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Elmark Organiser Carry Box 18 piece C/W Full Range of Fastenings


Elmark Carry Case contains the following Tubs

ELSD81CS - Square Drive 8x1" Counter Sunk S/Fast
ELSD834CS - Square Drive 8x3/4" Counter Sunk S/Fast
ELSD8114CS - Square Drive 8x1-1/4" Counter Sunk S/Fast
ELSD8112CS - Square Drive 8x1-1/2" Counter Sunk S/Fast
ELSD82CS - Square Drive 8x2" Counter Sunk S/Fast
ELSDPBP - Plaster Board Screws Nylon
ELHWA440 - Hollow Wall Anchor 4x40mm
ELNAR525 - Nylon Anchor 5x25mm Round Head
ELFP525 - Nylon Wall Plug 5x25mm
ELT1225MSD - Tek Screw 12x25mm Metal Class 3
ELWT812 - Tek Wafer Head Screw 8x12mm
ELWT825 - Tek Wafer Head Screw 8x25mm
ELT1020MSDSDSS - Tek Screw 10x20mm Metal S/ Steel Square Drive
ELT1225 - Tek Screw 12x25mm Wood T17 Class 2
ELT1016MSDSDSS - Tek Screw 10x16mm Metal S/Steel Square Drive

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