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The functionalty of the LED inside the RS 5002 is as follows:

The LED is stand alone and has no influence with the movement detector. The LED is fixed at 2 lux and if it is darker than 2 lux the LED will switch on. Every hour the lamp is switched off completly to check the Lux level. If still darker than 2 lux then the LED will switch on again for one more hour and so on.... If brighter than 2 lux than the LED will not switch on again. 

Can we use the RS PRO 5002 to switch 13 x RS PRO LED slaves if we use a contact relay like the attached?

In general you can connect slave lamps with RS PRO 5002 master according to your diagram by using a contact relay. 

Do Steinel Control Pro presence sensors have a PF (dry contact)?

All com2 sensors have a dry contact but is independent from the light level because it is for controlling hvac and this should normally be independent of the lighting com. So no for lighting control.


Which sensors can be parallel or series connected?

All professional sensors can be connected in parallel and in series but please consider the max load which is mentioned in the catalogue. 


What is the warranty for the DIY Steinel heat guns?

3 years (36 months) Element S model 300 hours and Electronic model 500 hours 


What is the warranty for the HL professional range of Steinel heat guns?

Warranty in years - one / Motor working hours HG 2300 E/EM: 5.000 hours / HG 4000/5000: 20.000 hours (element 500 hours) 


Do Steinel have a contactor diagram?


How does Pulse mode work?

The pulse mode is designed for stairway lighting timers. By operating the mode the load will be switched on for only 2 seconds. Within two seconds no additional or new signal possible. In addition the movement detection is deactivated for 8 seconds after the unit is switched off. In this application the time of persistence will be controlled by the stairway lighting timer. 


Do sensors use power in standby mode?

Yes approximately 2 watts.

Can you switch the ventilation fan and the lights together?

Yes if you connect both to the Load terminal. However you must pay attention to the sensor max load! Or use a contact relay.


How do we get an IP 54 rated Control Pro sensor?

Order a surface-mounting adapter Control PRO AP box (IP 54) 000363.


How does the Dali control signal work?

Connect direct to the Dali ballasts in the light fitting (light will DIM like BLSD, 10% brightness feature, and one other lighting scenario) OR connect to a Dali BMS management system interface. 


Are the professional sensor range circuit boards protected from harmonics?

Yes the harmonics will not effect Steinel sensors (harmonics in the power supply).


Do Sensors require a load to trigger them (what is the minimum load required)?

Yes 20 watt for standard sensors and 2Watt for dry contact (Potential free) 


Why are there three live connections on the SensIQ?

Two of the lives are common (connected) which means you can power up another sensor through the SensIQ and therefore do not have to run an additional cable from the switchboard.

What is anti-glare protection, overload protection mean for the IS 3360, IS 3180, IS 345?

Glare Protection means: The motion detection will not be deactivated immediately, if the environment brightness is brighter than the target value. 
It will wait for one minute, if the environment brightness is sure brighter than the target value. At this time the motion detection is activated. If motion was detected within this minute, the load will still be switched on. 
After the load turns off, the one minute glare protection begins again. The sensor stops motion detection, if after overriding the target brightness, no motion was detected and it remains bright for this one minute. (The function is helpful if a car light goes through the sensor.)

Are the LuxMaster sensors protected from the ballasts start up current (25A are standard for ballasts)?

Yes, the maximum of electronic ballasts per sensor must be taken from the operating instruction manual.


Is the LuxMaster BLS D suitable for all brands of ballasts?

Yes, all brands of electronic ballasts 1-10 volt interface.

If one electronic ballasts fail on a RS PRO 1000 or 2000 can it be repaired?

No, Steinel do not supply parts for these as they require high voltage tests.


HF 3600 has a detection diameter of 8 metres and a radius of 4 metres. Can the IS FE 300 sensor be wired into the main power supply via a 9 volt DC supply transformer?

Yes: However please note that the voltage must be protected against overvoltage's and troubles within the main power supply system.


Do Steinel have dry contact sensors?

Yes they are called Potential Free.

Models available by special indent are: 
 IS 345, IS 3180, IS 3360, IS D360 and the MFP1 module for the Sens IQ 


How is the Fire Control Pro powered?

One model is powered by a 9 volt battery and one model is 230V power supply. 230V soon to be phased out due to European regulations requiring battery life of 10yrs so will only be developing battery version.


Can the NightMatic NM 5002 be adjusted to run the whole night?


AC PRO Signal. What does AP and UP mean?

AC PRO Signal UP means (concealed) so requires adaptor or box! AC PRO Signal AP means: (Surface Mounting) can be mounted to surface without box! 

How long does it take a sensor to start working when you turn the sensor switch on?

The sensor needs around 40 seconds to start its original way of working. During this period the sensor is on, but cannot recognise any movement. Only afterwards the sensor is in normal working mode.


Why will the light not work in the dark when the Lux level is set completely towards the moon?

It is not dark enough! Set the lux at 20% on!


Steinel use EVA terminology

German short hand for Electronic Ballasts

How long does it take to set the sensors settings? (How long to wait after new adjustment is made to sensor for it to take effect?)

Power On time is 60 seconds. That means if you connect the sensor to 230V the sensor will switch the light on for one minute. If during this time the sensor recognises any movement it will add another minute before it will switch off the light. Once you have changed a setting the sensor will only take this new setting on after it has switched off the light one time

What are the lights on the smoke detector sensor for?

Has one Green and one Red. Green - If the green is on, the smoke detector is connected to 230V, no battery in use. Red - Flashes every 35 seconds as standard for smoke detectors. In case of smoke it permanently

What are the three lights on the air control sensor for?

Like a cross light, green/yellow/red. To show the level of CO² inside the room. Green is ok! Red is not ok!


Do the Steinel Professional Sensors have Surge Protection?

YES they are protected by a varistor and must be tested to the European standards EN 61000-4-5 (1.1KV surge test) and EN 61000-4-4 (burst test) severity level 2, which is equal to approx 1,1KV. All connected lights must have their own surge protection and treated as a single product.

NOTE: sensors enemy is also brown outs (low current) circuit boards do not like 


Can you use the LuxMaster BLS in a car park?

No it is only rated for offices at IP 20! USE new Quattro range with the AP surface mounting adapter Control Pro AP Box (IP 54) 000363 Or suggest the IS 3360 or IS 3180 for car parks. 


How does a sensor work after sensing its first movement?

Every detected movement will re-start the time from zero. After the last detection the sensor will time out on the run on setting.

Does the IS FS 300 Sensor indicate when the battery is running low?


How does the wireless Impulser (IS-FS 300) sensor set the run on time and lux level of the receiver (slave light)?

Transmitter sends out one signal with all information. After sending this information the transmitter goes to sleep for 20 seconds and if detects movement the sensor transmits the same signal again.

What are the three lights on the control pro sensor range for?

Left: Blue LED used for test mode, flashing if movement is detected. Within normal use it gives a signal if the remote control has sent a signal. 

Middle: Infrared transmitter and receiver (with remote).

Right Side: Light depending resistor (LDR).


Is the LuxMaster base interchangeable between different models?

Yes the difference is in the software. * Not entirely true. BLS and BLS-T are interchangeable, BLS-D has more terminals (2 extra for dim signal)

A contact relay must be provided on the line side for higher switching capacity. How many ballasts can the LuxMaster BLS switch?

1-10 V (50 electronic ballasts) If you require more switching power you have to use special additional relays.